Inter-proximal Reduction for Invisalign Video

Interproximal reduction IPR for Invisalign

Inter-proximal reduction (also known as IPR) is a very common procedure associated with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. In this video, you will see me doing IPR on an adult patient and a tween patient. There are some misconceptions about what is actually involved because every practitioner will do it differently. This will clarify how it’s done at MBO. You will see that there are no needles or blood involved – it is a quick and painless filing down of the side layer of tooth enamel. It is done without anesthesia. I am using a slow turning, wet diamond disk to create the space. This procedure may be indicated for non-extraction tooth crowding cases, tooth size discrepancies or to reshape oddly shaped teeth.

Patients are often surprised how simple and painless the procedure is. Oftentimes, the space created is barely visible. The typical amount of space created is 0.25 mm. Sometimes it can range from 0.15mm- 0.4mm.