The Size and Shape of your Teeth

How size and shape of teeth can affect orthodontic treatment

Understanding how the shapes and sizes of your teeth affect your treatment outcome. When you begin your orthodontic treatment, your teeth are aligned with braces or Invisalign but their sizes and shapes are not changed. Teeth are never as perfectly laid out as they are in photos. Photos are deceptive! The truth is every single one of them are differently sized and shaped. While we are bilateral creatures, the human species is not symmetric. Our left and right sides look...

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Braces Teeth Extraction vs Non-Extraction Treatment

Teeth extraction vs non extraction for orthodontic treatment

One of the biggest areas of concerns for patients is whether they need to take out teeth. You may have been told you needed to take out teeth by another orthodontist or you may simply be wondering, “HOW will she be able to straighten all those crowded teeth?” A lot of factors play into deciding for braces teeth extraction vs non-extraction. I do not take this decision lightly. My preference is always to keep all the teeth. What may surprise...

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